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Refurbishment of office tower complex

215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

ARDEX tile adhesives used for complex installation

215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

The refurbishment of this office tower complex included a complete revamp of the ground floor foyer and throughout level one to external entries and bathrooms. Also included in the scope of the work was the lift lobbies within the tower itself. The stunning overhaul took the Peter Johnson Tiling team over eight months to complete, on behalf of Hutchinson Builders. The finished work was nominated by the Master Builders Association of Queensland, with Peter Johnson winning the Commercial Trade Contractor Award for the Year.

ARDEX X 18 was used (with ARDEX E 90 additive) due to the complexity of the installation. ARDEX X 18 provided additional strength to the tiled areas (up to 3 metres high) from the specially formulated fibres within the adhesive.

ARDEX WA 100 – Two Part Epoxy Adhesive for use with Natural Stone. ARDEX WA 100 was used for sections of the wall up to 8 metres high. This product was designed for fixing and bedding natural stone such as marble on walls.

A huge amount of co-ordination was required for coating the 8.5 metre high entrance and foyer with more than 80 tons of finished stone.

The wall tiles were marble, 17-18mm thick weighing approximately 50kg m2. The weight of the tiles and the height of the installation exceeded the ARDEX guidelines (32kg/m2 and up to 3m2 high) for adhesive fixed tiles, so additional mechanical fixing strips were epoxy bonded into grooves cut into the back of each tile and then secured to the wall substrate.

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