Largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere

Nan Tien Temple, NSW

An urgent waterproofing remediation solution was delivered for over 820m2 of concrete walkways, plus 900 lineal metres of threads and risers on the multiple staircases.

Nan Tien Temple, NSW

Project Name:

Nan Tien Temple, New South Wales


JMB Waterproofing Solutions

Head Builder:

Urban Core Australia Pty Ltd


Waterproofing Integrity

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Situated in Berkeley, New South Wales the Nan Tien Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. Constructed in October 1995, this multi-award winning Temple has become a must visit venue for local and international tourists, and also acts as an important cultural centre bridging different cultures.

The public spaces below the main and front Temple showed signs of water ingress and moisture. Urgent waterproofing remediation was required for over 820m2 of concrete walkways, plus an additional 900 lineal metres of threads and risers on the multiple staircases.

Unique elements:

Since the venue encounters high amounts of daily foot-traffic, the project comprised of two stages to ensure the Temples remained accessible.

As the only access to both the main and front Temples are via staircases, all stairs had to be split in two sections during rectification works to ensure public access remained. One of the biggest challenges was the precise membrane detailing required for these areas and to utilise a membrane solution that could provide a smooth transition between the differing stages to allow for direct stick tile adhesion on all staircases.


The ARDEX WeldtecTM WPM 1000 membrane provided the waterproofing solution to meet the projects many challenges. ARDEX Australia worked closely with JMB Waterproofing Solutions, who provided a high attention to detail and commitment to waterproofing excellence throughout the entire project. The ARDEX WeldtecTM WPM 1000 was installed under direct screed and tile applications, but when the ARDEX WeldtecTM membrane was to remain UV exposed in specific areas, the ARDEX WPM 300 and ARDEX WPM 310 protecting coating were able to be utilised to ensure the structure remains protected and waterproofed for many years to come.

“It was great to collaborate and work alongside ARDEX and Urban Core. Working seamlessly together on this project, we appreciated the support from ARDEX representatives and the technical department. The partnership highlights our dedication to accuracy in every aspect of our work.”

Joe Brady, Director at JMB Waterproofing Solutions.

Overall, the ARDEX specification provided a system of high quality and totally compatible products supported by market leading technical service and field support.