What can be used to remove haze from ARDEX EG 15 Epoxy Grout?

14th May 2021

Question: I have used the ARDEX EG 15 Epoxy Grout between non-slip or textured surface tiles. Now that the grout has cured, I have noticed there is a thin grout haze that has been left on the surface of the tiles. I want to know what can be used to remove this haze.

Epoxy grout is extremely hard and chemically inert when cured. Removal of a grout haze by either mechanical or chemical means is extremely difficult.

The only resolution is the application of a suitable Paint Stripper such as Polystrippa (available from Bunnings).The material has a ‘gel’ like consistency to ensure the active ingredient (methylene chloride) stays on the surface long enough to interact with the grout haze. The Paint stripper will cause the grout haze to bubble and soften enabling its removal with a scraper.

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