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Single Component Rubber Waterproofing Membrane


ARDEX WPM 179 is a one component liquid applied, latex modified, bituminous elastomeric waterproofing membrane. ARDEX WPM 179 is predominately used as a patching or repair membrane.
• Easily applied: single pack, high build, long pot life
• Retains flexibility at low temperatures
• Resists ponding water (once fully cured)
• Water based – environmentally friendly and safe to use
• Excellent Chemical Resistance properties


  • Substrates:

    Masonry, concrete blocks, concrete, steel, sand cement screeds, renders.

  • Location:

    • Below ground tanking, basements and retaining walls (not negative hydrostatic situations)
    • Bridge decks and concrete structures
    • Planter boxes, terraces/balconies (protected)
    • Concrete protection from chemicals and water ingress
    • Corrosion protection of metal roofs and structures
    • Waterproof liners for sewage and containment ponds, dams and tanks
    • Underground structures/tunnel lining

  • Colours:
    • Black
  • Coverage:
    • Patch Repair Membrane covers approx 15m² (D.F.T. at 0.6mm)
    • Waterproof Membrane: covers approx 8m² (D.F.T. at 1.0mm)
  • Pack Size:
    • 15L pail
  • Drying Times:

    • Recoat Time: 2-4 hrs
    • Full Cure: 24-48 hrs

  • VOC content:
    • 2g/L