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SRO942 Levelling Internal CFC Sheeted Floors

This recommendation is regarding the levelling of standard CFC (Compressed Fibre Sheet) internal flooring to receive resilient (e.g. vinyl) floor coverings where the sheeting is joined together using an approved (e.g. Ardex WPM501) two part epoxy adhesive. The recommended systems are for unsealed sheets such as the James Hardie Hardipanel; the CSR Cemintel and the BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheets. The 22mm thick Scyon Secura floor sheeting can be used although the system is qualified with regard to priming and potential cracking where the levelling cement is over the joints. This system is described in Ardex SRO943.
These recommendations do not apply to the following;

  • Thin (6mm) fibre cement underlay sheets that are fixed over timber floors prior to tiling.
  • Light weight, “sealed” sheet where the joints between sheets may/may not be filled with a flexible sealant.
  • Any form of sheeting based on Magnesia; Magnesium Oxychloride or Oxysulphate cements.

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