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30mm & 50mm Drainage Cell


ARDEX DRS 30/50 DC provides a perfect solution for sub-soil drainage application for creating a successful Roof Garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage. The ARDEX DRS 30/50 DC provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water.

ARDEX DRS 30/50 DC is made from recycled Polypropylene and is inert to soil borne chemicals and bacteria. The drainage cells shallow and effective drainage profile helps landscapers to make use of mature plants on roof garden which needs soil depth and water retention properties by allowing for maximum soil depth which improves the growing environment.

High Summer temperatures can cause thermal expansion in concrete and can cause waterproofing to crack, the drainage cell system due to its unique design and void properties help this heat to escape and hence reduce the risk of cracking, enhancing building life. The added benefit of the drainage cell material is the high compressive loadings it can withstand while maintaining its drainage. It is environmentally friendly and easy to install.


  • Typical Uses:

    • Green Roof applications
    • Sports field drainage systems
    • Drainage for retaining walls
    • Landscaping drainage systems
    • Tunnel Drainage systems
    • Gas collection systems 

  • Colours: