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SALS Express

Simple Accurate Levelling System

SALS Express



pdf SALS Express Brochure


SALS EXPRESS is a Simple Accurate Levelling System for a more precise, fast installation eliminating lippage, the unwanted uneven joints between tiles, minimising shrinkage issues and virtually eliminating any tile surface marks and scratches.

SALS EXPRESS reversible barrel and jaw combination used along with the stem with adjustable tension and a specially designed non-marking protective base make easy work of large format and rectified tiling installations.


  • Packaging:

    SALS Express includes: 

    • Reusable Barrell and Jaws (Pack of 100)

    Select your required stem width

    • Stems - 1.5mm (Pack of 100)
    • Stems - 2mm (Pack of 100)
    • Stems - 3mm (Pack of 100)
    • Buddies (Pack of 120)