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Polymer-Modified, Fibre-Reinforced Fairing Coat


ARDEX BR 120 FC is a fairing skim coat for the final smoothing of masonry and brick walls. It is the recommended Fairing Coat to be used in conjunction with ARDEX BR Repair Mortars. ARDEX BR 120 FC is specifically designed for the preparation of façade surfaces prior to the application of ARDEX WPM 330 Façade Anti-Carbonation Membrane or ARDEX WPM 310 Facade and Roof Membrane.


  • Thickness:
    • 1-3mm
  • Colours:
    • Grey
  • Application:

    • Facade preparation/ restoration prior to application of ARDEX facade membranes
    • Fairing/ skim coat for final smoothing over patched areas or generally on masonry and brick walls
    • Pre-cast panel repairs
    • Spalling concrete repairs
    • For aerated concrete panelled walls
    • In-situ poured concrete repairs
    • Skim coat for swimming pool repairs – prior to waterproofing and tiling
    • Can be used for repairs under ARDEX membranes and tile adhesives

  • Coverage:
    • 4m² at 3mm thickness
    • 12m² at 1mm thickness
  • Drying Times:

    • >4 hours