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    Repair Mortars


Water Based Class D, Type 1 Concrete Curing Compound


ARDEX BA 70 CC is a Class D, Type 1, water- based, acrylic terpolymer curing compound for use on freshly laid concrete, construction grouts and repair mortars. It facilitates maximum moisture retention (90% minimum; conforms with AS3799-1998) through the curing period to maximise strength and durability for internal and external cementitious products. ARDEX BA 70 CC, when applied by the correct method and at the recommended application rate, leaves a dried, transparent film. This film does not normally darken on exposure to sunlight.


  • Substrates:

    The product is recommended for new substrates including repair mortars, construction grouts, renders, and concrete.

  • Colours:
    • Milky white liquid, clear when dried
  • Coverage:
    • 5m² /L (Practical coverage may depend on surface profile, method of application and losses. Higher film thickness will lead to lower coverage.)
  • Drying Times:

    • Touch dry: 1 – 3 hours (at 25˚C & RH 50%). Cooler temperature, higher film thickness, and higher humidity conditions will require longer drying times