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Industrial Levelling Compound


ARDEX K 80 is an Ardurapid levelling compound designed to provide a finished wear surface on new or old concrete substrates. The exceptional hardness is resistant to forklifts, trolleys and vehicles making ARDEX K 80 suitable in industrial, warehouses and garage applications.


  • Thickness:
    • 5mm to 50mm
  • Floor Coverings:
    • Polyurethane coatings
    • Epoxy coatings
    • Specialty floor coatings
  • Substrates:
    • New and existing concrete
    • Rough screeded concrete
    • Damp or moisture vulnerable concrete when used in
    conjunction with an ARDEX moisture control system
  • Location:
    • Internal above or below grade applications
  • Coverage:
    • 2.4m2 at 5mm
  • Drying Times:
    • Walkable in 2 hours
    • Ready for coatings in 24 hours
    • Trafficable in 48 hours
  • Packaging:
    20kg triple layered bag