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Levelling Compound


ARDEX K 250 has been formulated as an easy to use leveller for building construction contractors.
With the ability to be applied up to a thickness of 25mm, ARDEX K 250 has the versatility to level most new and existing concrete substrates to project specification efficiently in one application.


  • Thickness:
    • From 1-25mm
    • Bulkfill 10-50mm with 2-5mm aggregate
  • Floor Coverings:
    • Suitable for most floor coverings
  • Substrates:
    • New and existing concrete
  • Location:
    • Internal
    • Above grade applications
  • Colours:
    • Grey
  • Coverage:
    • 4m2 at 3mm thick
  • Drying Times:
    Walkable in 2 to 4 hours
  • Packaging:
    20kg triple layered bag