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ARDEX Australia Expands Façade Restoration Range with Render Products

ARDEX Australia has added to its existing façade restoration range with four new rendering products. The new products include a general purpose acrylic render, a polymer modified render, a pre-mixed jointing and patching mortar and a performance enhancing polymer primer and additive. The Render range can provide a modern finish to new homes or freshen up the look of an existing building.

ARDEX WR 100 is a general purpose acrylic render that can be used on a wide variety of substrates. Suitable for internal and external applications, it has superior application and finishing properties and requires no maturing time so can be applied immediately after mixing, an obvious benefit over other renders in the market.

For more specialised substrates including painted surfaces, EPS (polystyrene) foam panels, blueboard and existing render, ARDEX WR 60 is the ideal polymer modified render for non-porous and flexible substrates. It produces a build-up from 2-5mm with a medium fine finish and no sagging or cracking. Like the ARDEX WR 100, there is no maturing time required before application.

ARDEX WR 31 is a three-in-one pre-mixed jointing and patching mortar and key coat for non-porous substrates. Offering excellent adhesion to dense and non-porous substrates, it is suitable for both internal and external applications. It is suitable for jointing fibre-cement sheet and blueboard prior to rendering and patching cracks and holes of existing render to a depth of up to 5mm.

Ideal as a primer and additive for most cement based construction products, ARDEX WR Prime is a performance enhancing polymer primer and additive. When used as an additive for cement based renders, adhesives, screeds and grouts, ARDEX WR Prime will significantly enhance bond strength and increase flexibility and working time. As a primer, it will improve adhesion to masonry, concrete walls, AAC panels, existing render, blueboard and fibre-cement sheet.